Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Garena Installation

1st step:
Go to www.garena.com then click on any of the MIRROR LINKS to start downloading.

2nd step:
After the download is complete, run the Garena_setup.exe file

3rd step:
Choose the directory where you would like to install Garena.

4th step
After the installation is done, click FINISH to end the InstallShield Wizard

5th step
To run Garena, just double click on the Garena icon to start it up.

If you have any questions, feel free to post it on the comments.
It is open for anyone (no need to register)


  1. I'm using local area broad band at good speed but after installation when i clicked on login to connect after few seconds it says connection to server faild.Please tell me what to do ????


  2. can you browse using a web browser?

  3. when i install im stuck at a certain point near the end...somewhere like garena.br

  4. when i install im stuck at a certain point near the end...somewhere like authentication part.

  5. I am experiencing the same issue. Vista x64

  6. the game that they create cannot be seen
    i put the settings and the war3 the no picture
    right but no one 1 can see create plzzzz
    help me
    sayang dota ko

  7. wat should i put in settings
    elp me plzzzzzzzzzz

  8. while installing i get eroor "please insert disc"

  9. im stuck in hte beggining
    my normal garena stopped working so i had to reinstall, and when u run hte exe it gets stuck right from the start:AE socket.dlll

  10. please help me how my garena work. i play doTa thru garena but i can't see the map and the other players. i can't join any room... what will i do to join the online dota game.

    hoping for your kind consideration.


    maybe because ur version is different...

    other country use 1.21 1.22

    but here on PH we use 1.20

    u can see ur version on the first screen bottom right ^^

    add my FS


  12. nakakapaglaro pa ako nung isang araw sa ph 1.20 version ng warcraft q xD
    tapos kanina maglalaro sana aq wla ng makitang created na game T_T

  13. but it wond't work 4 sum reason,wen i click on it, it juz says; Can not find page.

    WAT DO I DO???

  14. im stucked at the authentication part...what should i do?

  15. Uhm how can i fix the Runtime error ???

  16. how to setup garena???answer me as soon as posible

  17. i've already install garena and when i login it says checking client version,, what does it mean??? and it takes a long time that i cant wait anymore so i click cancel,, please answer me guys!!!

  18. i installed garena but when i click the shortcut on the desktop, it says: the item "garena.exe" that this shortcut refers to has been changed or moved, so this short cut will no longer work properly. help!!!!
    my email: renzo.lastimoso@yahoo.com

  19. im stuck in this part:( this application has failed to start because the application configuration is incorrect. reinstalling the application may fix the problem). i reinstall but still the same nothing. Please HELP

  20. i install>>Double click>>nothing happens

    1. when the installation is done then i double click garena plus it says 'this application has failed to start because the application configuration is incorrect'


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