Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Garena 2010 1st Beta Client

Garena 2010 Beta Release Candidate is now out with a brand new design.
You have to check this out!

What's inside:

- Implemented a new look for the entire Garena client!
- You now have 2 skins available, a red theme and a black theme. More skins will be released in future.
- Icon system is changed to : 2 sets of DotA icons, 1 set of Garena icon and 1 set of Dark Orbit icon. More icon sets will be available in future.
- Smart Search Function allows users to search for buddies or gamers in room faster.
- New Game Selection Panel that displays all supported Garena games more efficiently. The games are now in alphabetical order.
- New Garena Messenger Mode which allows users to hide the main window and only view the right side messenger panel.
- Added a percentage for the EXP bar so users can keep track easier.
- Fixed crash issue after client is loaded.
- Fixed various display bugs.

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