Thursday, August 14, 2008

TriniGamers join Garena Family Project!

As growing rapidly in the whole world, Garena has providedservices for thousands of users everyday. In order to supply bettergaming experience for our users, we started "Join Garena Family"Project. Approved Sites will be our official site in its own region,also the sites will get Garena's full supports, including RoomSupports, Tournament Awards, Advertisements, and so on.

Today we are proud of announcing our first Garena-Family Site -- TriniGamers(

Now when you view TriniGamers Site, you will find all usefulinformations about Garena. You also can get help and guide there.TriniGamers will dedicate to introduce and help users to Garena.

Introduction of TriniGamers:

Trinigamers is the premier gaming organization in Trinidad and Tobago which was formed in October 27th2002. The organization as of now consists of over 7,000 members comingfrom across Trinidad and Tobago both local and international.

Trinigamers has done this via the hosting oftournaments, both offline and online which cover the various genres andplatforms that are popular locally and internationally.

Internationally, a local based clan Trinidad Gosu Squad (TGS) ranked 1ston Warcraft III's international ranking numerous times, at one pointfor a year and for eight online international Tournaments. Afterwinning the VXG (video X games 2006) we have automatically qualifiedfor Counter strike 1.6 in the Electronic Sports world Cup (ESWC)

Trinigamers have also had the honor of hosting Trinidad & Tobago's first online Defense of the Ancients (DOTA) All-stars League in 2006. This was followed up in 2007 and we had an increase in registrations by over 400%. This year we plan on another online league possibly using Garena with much higher prizes thanks to our sponsors iStand. iStand is a government organisation which has recognised us as the premier gaming organisation in the country. Interest has been shown in getting gaming recognised as a sport in Trinidad & Tobago.
As we have promised in our Project(Refer to Here ), here is the list what we will supply.
1.Private Rooms for TriniGamers

Channel Listing
War3 RPG > North America > TriniGamers DotA Room 01
War3 RPG > North America > TriniGamers DotA Room 02
War3 TFT > North America > TriniGamers Warcraft III Room
COD 4 > North America > TriniGamers CoD 4 Room
AOE II > North America > TriniGamers AOE II Room
Starcraft > North America > TriniGamers SCBW Room
CSS > North America > TriniGamers CSS Room

2.Tournaments Supports

*Streamer Accounts
*Awards(Experience, Premium Membership, even Cash in the future)

3.Exclusive Office Site and Domain Service will indirect to

Servers Services and Relevant Payment Services in progress.....
If you are interested in the Plan, Click Here to get more informations.


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