Friday, August 22, 2008

Using WarCraft Version Switcher to store 1.22

Warcraft version switcher is an essential and a very simple tool to change your warcraft versions as and when needed in a matter of seconds. To know what is Warcraft version switcher check this link : CLICK HERE

Okay now lets get back to the topic : Using WarCraft Version Switcher to store 1.22
First run the 1.22 patch to patch your warcraft game. The link can be found below.

Patch Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne Full 1.22 (English)
Download [Link 1]

Download this 1.22 patch and run it. Your game will be patched to 1.22
Then, you can store this 1.22 version in warcraft version switcher.
Open "Warcraft version switcher" and click on the store version button. Then the rest is as shown below.

Hey! Guys I solve my problem already and I just wanna share it to everybody. If you have any problems regarding WarCraft Version Switcher (WVS) specifically on storing the newest verion V1.22, because there is none in the list V1.22 you can just choose any version for example like me I choose V1.19 to store V1.22. Its OK the files inside will not be affected but only the version name in the switch version menu V1.19 will appear but, you can change the name to v1.22. just go to your WVS folder (C:\Warcraft Version Switcher\wvs) inside wvs folder there will be a zip file and one of them will be the one that you just stored(refer to the pic guide below) Instead of waiting for newer version of WVS you can use this as an alternative. thanks...

Store your current version V1.22 as V1.19

go to your WVS folder inside wvs there will be a zip file rename/change it to V1.22

after that go to wvs run it and check your Version name


For guides about WVS visit this link below:

For tips on how to patch your WC3 visit this link below:



  1. how can i store version 1.22 patch in my version 1.21
    myne isnt working properly

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