Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Garena 3.0 Released

Enjoy a Whole New Experience with Garena 3.0!

Let us celebrate! Garena 3.0 is officially released! Like all Garena updates, 3.0 has the upgrades and fixes of the previous version. But unlike any other updates, this one takes you to a whole new gaming experience with its new looks and feel!

The new skin in metallic black, silver and fiery red gives gamers the energetic sensation and the extra motivational boost that will surely make you stay online and play longer! The new platform layout is specially designed to enhance the overall user experience by making every functions and features accessible and user-friendly! Now this is what gaming should be like!

Here are some of the key upgrades in 3.0:

New Messenger Structure

The new messenger now features a more detailed profile which includes displaying of the Clan Rank, User Type (Gold Member, Basic Member, etc) and its expiration. With the revamped structure, Garena functions are now grouped into mini icons easily accessible to users. Using Garena functions has never been this easy - go explore the new Garena now!

Integrated Shop

Say good bye to old fashioned click-this-button-to-open-website Shop, and hello to the new and fast one-click Garena shop! That's right, Garena 3.0 now has a built-in shop.

Click on the "Shop" button to open the shop window and display all available items in store. Click on "Gold Mem" to open the shop window and display only Gold Membership package items. For quick Shell top-up, click on the "Buy Shell" button along the navigation menu.

Now that purchasing these items is made easy and fast! It's time everyone goes shopping!

Bigger and Better MTV Media Player

Everything in 3.0 has gotten hipper, and that goes the same with the new MTV embedded Media Player! It is now bigger and better! With more new contents updated regularly, be sure to check it out everyday... Enjoy a break from your game and listen to MTV music videos or watch your favourite mini series videos only available in Garena MTV embedded media player!

Other Change Log:
Fixed some bugs in DotA Ladder Beta. Garena DotA Ladder Season I will start soon.
Added registration through Garena.
Fixed a bug which will cause crash on Vista.
Fixed some problems in GarenaTV.
Fixed a few UI bugs.

All that and more! Update now to Garena 3.0!

To view list of change log in 3.0, refer to this thread: http://www.garena.com/forum/viewthread.php?tid=323217
To report any bugs/problems encountered in Garena 3.0, refer to this thread: http://www.garena.com/forum/viewthread.php?tid=323212


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