Saturday, September 20, 2008

Support Your Teams in ADC now with your National Avatars!

DotA Fans,

ADC Season 2 is getting even hotter now as we are almost at the finish-line for the regular season - teams are competing for a limited 4-slot in the Season Finale of ADC 08! Who will make it there? You can help decide!

Your time to show your support to your favorite teams of ADC08 is now on! Your support will greatly help your nation’s team stay on track and remain in their quest to be crowned as Asia’s best. This is your chance to stop being just an audience and become a real supporter to the team carrying your country’s flag and pride.

Special ADC Team Avatars are now available in Garena Avatar Shop for the 10 competing teams in the regular season. To cast your vote of support to a team, you may purchase and use the personalized team avatar sold in store. Each avatar purchased is counted as 1 point to the team. The team with the most votes at the end of the voting season will have a bonus “revive” point, allowing the team who won the voting to have another opportunity to challenge their opponent again if they lose during playoff or playdown (depending on their standings at the end of the season, see ADC Season II Rules for more details - link).

Voting Period starts now and will end one week prior to the last play day (See details released later by the tournament administrator for specific date of last play day).

Vote now by purchasing and using your team avatar! Show your team that the whole country is supporting them! Inspire, motivate, drive your team to victory!

Click this Garena link to buy ADC Team Avatars

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