Friday, October 10, 2008

DotA Ladder Beta Season Closes on Oct 12

Call out to all DotA players out there!

Garena’s DotA Ladder BETA season is finishing this October 12, 2008. The race for the top 100 spot is just a couple of days remaining, so buckle up your seat belt and go max speed as this is your last chance to overtake and secure your victory!

Be part of history and cement your name in the first ever DotA Ladder Hall of Fame batch. The Top-100 gamers at the end of beta season will be given special recognition and will have their names forged in the special “Pre-Season Hall of Fame” corner in the Ladder website. That’s not all, they are bringing home thousands of EXP as well!

Rank 1 - 10,000 EXP
Rank 2 - 8,000 EXP
Rank 3 - 5,000 EXP
Rank 4 to 10 - 3,000 EXP
Rank 11 to 50 - 2,000 EXP
Rank 51 to 100 - 1,000 EXP

Prizes will be awarded on October 15, 2008.
The beta season (Pre-Season) ladder statistics will not be carried over to the official ladder statistics.

That’s fame, EXP, and glory at stake! The last 3 days will be as intense as it can be, go play now and waste no time.

New to the ladder? Cheer Up! More to be won in the coming official Ladder seasons! It’s a whole new race come season 1, with all the rankings and statistics back to zero, everyone has got the chance to win! Watch out for more news about the start of the official season…

For more information about Garena DotA Laddery system, please refer to this thread:

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