Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Wallie is Now Available in the Garena Payment Options

More ways to get Shells, more fun to come in Garena!

We are pleased to announce that Wallie has been added to our growing list of payment gateway channels. With Wallie, your internet wallet, gamers residing in Europe have got themselves a very accessible and convenient way to purchase Shells.

The Wallie-card is used just like a prepaid telephone card, but then on the Internet. Consumers buy a Wallie-card for a specific value. The value differs per country (as market conditions and currencies differ from country to country).

Wallie-cards are available as physical scratch card and as e-voucher:

Scratchcard: The scratch card has a grey scratch layer on the back which can be scratched away. A unique payment code of 16 numbers and 3 letters will appear. Consumers can use this code to pay on the Internet.

E-voucher: If you have a so-called e-voucher, a voucher that is printed at the cash register, the Wallie-code is then indicated with 'revaluation code' or ‘top-up code'.

On websites where Wallie is accepted, consumers will be able to fill-out their unique payment code online. The balance of the card is checked in real-time and the amount that needs to be paid will be deducted from the outstanding balance on the card. When the remaining balance is not sufficient, consumers can use more cards in the same transaction to reach the amount that needs to be paid. When the card or e-voucher has no balance anymore, it can be disposed.

Is it that easy? Yes it is!

So Get your Wallie now and Start Shopping!

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