Tuesday, November 4, 2008

MyGarena.com - Malaysian Garena

As growing rapidly in the whole world, Garena has provided servicesfor thousands of users everyday. In order to supply bettergaming experience for our users, we started "Join Garena Family"Project.Approved Sites will be our official site in its own region,also the sites will get Garena's full supports, including RoomSupports,Tournament Awards, Advertisements, and so on. Malaysia, one of the most important regions for garena so far, means alot for us. Also the community of Malaysia is growing both in platformand forum. There are lots of staffs from Malaysia who are working forgarena. Today, they are getting together to support garena better, withthe site MyGarena, http://www.mygarena.com . It is the 6th Garena Family Site. Introduction of www.mygarena.com:

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