Saturday, November 8, 2008

Red Alert 3 now in Garena

Comrades!!! Red Alert 3 is now supported by Garena


1)Join the Red Alert 3 Room
2)Set game path to your RA3.exe
3)go to Versus -> LAN to play with your friends.

Note: You should have the same Red Alert game version with your opponent to be able to play.

Click to view guide on how to play Red Alert 3 in Garena:


  1. i dont have versus all i have is tutorial campaigen skirmish profile options and quit what shell i do

  2. hey erm same at the 1st comment , wat should i do ? , the link provided is unable anymore

  3. May be you have the Uprising expansion, that version is just for single player.

  4. 1 question..
    How do i play campaign with a friend?
    i wanna play campaign with my friend but i dont know how :( Help :((

  5. Yeah.. When I Go to the lobby(Network), there is no game list even 1... plz helP!!!

  6. ok i really need help on playing this in Garena, why do games these days are being so complicated compared to the 1990s, as i was saying, i have finished doing all of'em step by step. My friend created a game but i can't see it, even with other players on Garena, i can't see them on player list, i am hopefully waiting for a new solution, thanks anyways :D

  7. what kind of version they usually use?

  8. Hey My Game is showing "Failed to join the game - your executable version does not match the host

    What do i Do to play in Garena??


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