Monday, February 23, 2009

Garena Information

Now here's additional facts about Garena.
Garena is an interactive E-Sports gaming platform providing an arena for gamers to chat,
challenge opponents and play their favorite multiplayer games over the internet with
other gamers world-wide. The platform turns the internet into a huge cyber cafe. While
playing, gamers will enjoy unparalleled good latency powered by Garena's advance network
solution and enjoy fair competition environment protected by Garena anti-hacking
solution. All that and more - for FREE!

Garena is the leading gaming platform in Asia and is fast gaining its popularity in the
west. Our mission, Connecting World Gamers, is a strong reflection to our commitment
to provide gamers with the highest standard of quality for their gaming needs and
experience. Already liking what you are reading? We are sure you'll love it more when
you start using Garena!

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