Monday, February 23, 2009

Garena License Agreement

Before you install Garena, you have to read first the Garena License Agreement.
Here it is:

Garena Terms of Use Agreement

1. Please use original legal games.
2. The content of Garena is supplied by Garena Interactive PTE LTD. Garena Interactive PTE LTD reserves the right to update or terminate the platform at any given time with or without prior notice.
3. When registering for a Garena account, the user must ensure that the correct personal information is supplied. Should there be any changes, the user is responsible to update the information.
4. The user is responsible for their own account. Any violation on the terms of use and/or other related policy is accountable to the account disregarding who the user of the account is.
5. When using Garena, the user must keep to the following regulations:
(a) Keep to Singapore laws;
(b) Banned to use platform for any illegal purposes.
(c) Banned to make use of Garena to transmit any annoying, abusive, sexual and illegal content.
(d) User should notify Garena immediately for loss of account.
(e) User should not cheat when playing games. Any form of cheating and/or hacking will lead to account termination.
(f) The copyright of games and related articles including images is the property of their rightful owner.
(g) User is not allowed to copy, reproduce, translate, reverse engineer, modify, disassemble, or de-compile at any circumstances.
6. Garena does not assure that the service provided can satisfy the request of user, security and accuracy.
7. Servers may temporarily be closed for maintenance with or without prior notice.
8. Garena Interactive PTE LTD may modify some items of this agreement at any given time. The modifications made will be prompted on our official website Using Garena is recognized as the user fully accepting the latest agreement.

Thank you for reading the Garena License Agreement.
I hope you follow the Garena terms and conditions.


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