Sunday, March 29, 2009

Garena is now recruiting Writers

All those good with the paper and pen listen up:

If you are passionate about writing articles and features, making interviews, covering LIVE events and putting up game reports, come join the Garena Writers and Editors Club! Get maximum exposure for your talent and the opportunity to reach over 12 million readers worldwide.

Enjoy the following benefits:
> Fun and learning environment to further improve your writing skills and resume building experience;
> Direct exposure to the biggest online gaming community;
> Contribution-based incentives including Garena EXP points, Shells and Premium Membership;
> Potential opportunity for employment;

We're looking for all sorts of writers!

Position: Garena Feature Writers
Garena Feature Writers are responsible for writing down previews of up-coming Garena features and/or services, working on press release about new features launched in the latest updates, etc. Garena Feature Writers are expected to be very familiar with the many different features and services offered by Garena.

Position: Event/Tournament Writers
Event/Tournament Writers are in-charge of specific event coverages and updates, making sure that the assigned event/tournament has everything including event updates, game reviews, battle report/summary, conclusion, event-related announcements, etc.

Position: eSports Writers
eSports Writers are expected to be updated and familiar with the latest happenings and events in and around e-Sports and other related topics. Responsibilities include posting the latest up-to-the-minute news, working on team/player interviews among others. It is strongly encouraged that eSports writer work for original articles.

Position: Game Writers
Game Writers provides the community with game-specific reads like game updates, reviews, analysis, and anything under the sun. Game Writers are expected to be very familiar with the assigned Game (e.g. StarCraft II, etc) and be able to produce several original articles related to the game.

General Requirements:
> Able to commit time and provide regular articles;
> Writers are expected to be very proficient in English and grammar;
> Experience in news writing is preferred;
> Knowledge and able right in different languages is a plus;

Think you got it all? Then prepare your application letter (Resume) which contains the following information:

Personal Info
Garena Account Name:
Real Name:

Other Info
Position you are applying for: (Garena Feature Writers, eSports Writers, Game Writers, Event/Tournament Writers)
Particular coverage of your position (e.g. DotA, WorldCyberGames, etc):
Language You Can Write:
Previous Editorial Work Experience (if any):
Sample articles/original works (links/attached as document):

Submit your application letter through email to
NOTE: Use Title/Subject of Email application as "Position, application by Account Name"

Qualified Candidates will be notified through Email / Forum PM / MSN

Good luck!

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