Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Garena CineDotA Video Contest

CineDotA is the first installment of the premiere Garena video contest series which highlights the videos produced by gamers themselves to show off their gaming skills in a visually creative way. CineDotA videos revolve around the most popular WarCraft 3 mod map – Defense of the Ancients: AllStars. The contest is open to all and will be hosted on YouTube where the audience is limitless.

Here’s your chance now on the Director’s seat. We’ll see you in CineDotA!

General Prizes:

Champion: US$ 200
Runner Up: US$ 100

If the Winner is a Garena User, he will also get the following:

Champion: 50 Shells
Runner Up: 30 Shells
2nd Runner Up: 20 Shells

Other videos who have reached 10,000 number of views in youtube page: 5 Shells each
Special Prize (From judger) (Only one) : 30 Shells

Rules and Guidelines found at

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